To start identifying synergies and to learn how different projects will address key data collection, sharing, integration, and exploitation challenges, a serie of webinars have been organized under the umbrella of this Big Data Value PPP. These webinars are also organized by BDVA, BDVe project, and other projects which are part of this PPP.

Towards cross-sectorial optimization and traceability

Thu, May 7, 2020 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM CEST

This webinar is dedicated to the cluster of data platform projects that address industrial data. The projects that will present their ambitions and first insights are DataPorts, I3-Market, OpertusMundi, and TheFSM.

The webinar is organized as an introductory sequence of presentations from projects (ca. 20 minutes each), followed by a moderated Q&A session involving the webinar participants.


    • Spiros Athanasiou, Senior Project Manager, “Athena” Research and Innovation Center & Coordinator OpertusMundi project
    • Theo Kontogiannis, Business Development Manager, Agroknow & WP Leader TheFSM project
    • Martin Serrano, Unit Head, Insight Galway & Coordinator I3-Market project
  • Paco Valverde, R&D Project Leader, ITI – Instituto Tecnológico de Informática & Technical Coordinator of DataPorts project