Presentation. It’s easy, right? You just go in front of 500 people, look at the crowd… but they are staring in their own laptops. Or you make a webinar, but get no questions. Or present an idea to your colleagues, just to be asked to repeat everything from the beginning. Sounds familiar? What could you do to avoid that? How to make the presentation, any kind of presentation, interesting and engaging, winning the attention of people and getting them to really hear you? It doesn’t matter if you are on the stage or in front of the camera (ok, it does matter, it’s much more complicated when in front of the camera). And there are basic rules, simple in theory but not so much in implementation. Let’s go forward and touch them!

This webinar is part of the activities included in the BDV Best Success Story contest, aimed at BDV PPP projects and BDVA SMEs to tell their achievements and experiences in the most entertaining, fun and constructive way.