Wed, Jul 8, 2020 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CEST
At the heart of this DataBench webinar is the goal to share a benchmarking process helping European organisations developing Big Data Technologies to reach for excellence and constantly improve their performance, by measuring their technology development activity against parameters of high business relevance.

The webinar aims to provide the audience with a framework and tools to assess the performance and impact of Big Data and AI technologies, by providing real insights coming from DataBench. In addition, representatives from other projects part of the BDV PPP such as DeepHealth and They-Buy-for-You will participate to share the challenges and opportunities they have identified on the use of Big Data, Analytics, AI. The perspective of other projects that also have looked into benchmarking, such as Track&Now and I-BiDaaS will be introduced.

The webinar will feature

• An introductory session describing the need for DataBench in Big Data and AI centric analytics and its use in comparing the performance indicators that are important to organisations using them.
• A demonstration of the DataBench Toolbox and the advantages it brings for organisations that need to assess their data analytics processes.
• A discussion with other BDV PPP projects about their needs in terms of benchmarking big data.

Richard Stevens


Arne Berre


Tomás Pariente