Big Data-driven strategies are the smartest way to unravel knowledge needed to improve the sustainability of current health systems across the European Union and achieve better patient outcomes. What are the most suitable core technologies and platforms to address the issues with the highest impact on the sector? What are the main challenges?

Last November the BigMedilytics project published a report, under the title Initial prototypes of specific components for all BigMedilytics pilots, to present a first overview of the different software prototypes and show the different components, data, and challenges to overcome. 

Now, a new document addresses an update of the specific components to create the BigMedilyticsBigMatrix, a mapping between the requirements and the technical components that will ensure that concepts presented in the pilots can be easily scaled and replicated in Europe.

The new deliverable presents a more fine-grained overview of the different software prototypes and different components. Moreover, it addresses challenges to overcome within the different pilots.

The document is now publicly accessible in the Deliverable 1.3 published on the project’s website under the title Updated prototypes of specific components for all BigMedilytics pilots.

About the BigMedilytics project

The BigMedilytics project is the largest EU-funded initiative under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme to transform the region’s healthcare sector through the use of big data. The initiative aims to achieve better patient outcomes in healthcare at a lower cost through the application of big data solutions.

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