TRUSTS published its first whitepaper. The project wants to give the project stakeholders – i.e. data providers, data consumers, similar EU project consortiums, technology providers; in general the European Data Ecosystem – an overview of the technological basis of the future data market or data market federator. TRUSTS maintains an open communication policy and would like to share its own learnings from the project activities with all interested parties.

The whitepaper explains which reference architectures TRUSTS builds on, how these have been further developed, and which innovations are necessary for the future, and thus for the achievement of the project proposal.

Read more about the different TRUSTS building blocks, the outcome, federated technology for the future and services and improvements resulting from TRUSTS: Click here to read the whitepaper

Besides the whitepaper TRUSTS published several new deliverables lately – take a look!


(Photo by Anh Tuan To on Unsplash)