The digital transformation of Europe and its industry very much relies on Big Data, the collection of huge amounts of data from numerous sources. The transport and logistics lighthouse project, TransformingTransport (TT) shined at the BDV PPP Summit held from June 26-28 in Riga, Latvia, representing an event that highlighted the very best of Europe’s progress in the field of Big Data.

In particular, the Success Story Award at the event, which awarded the initiatives of projects within the BDV PPP ecosystem, gave the first prize to TT [out of the 42 projects], involving 49 industry partners, local government organizations and academia stakeholders from all over Europe. With a budget of 18.7 million euros, TT successfully demonstrated the transformation that Big Data could bring to the mobility and logistics sector. It performed 13 large-scale transport pilots related to highways, rail, ports, airports and logistics that showed how Big Data can help operational efficiency, customer experience and data-driven business models. Within this outstanding project, the consortium was responsible for demonstrating how the project impacts on technology, business, society and environment.

The project presented the winning success story titled “How Big Data Can Transform Everyday Mobility and Logistics” which revealed an exciting paradigm shift for streamlining transport in the near future. The set of non-exhaustive selection criteria involved the article production quality, the project relation to BDVA, the level of art of Talea and the project Impact. The TT excelled in the evaluation criteria and especially at the overall impacts showcased by the project highlighted in summary below:

  • Predictive maintenance has allowed the reduction of the costs of maintaining railway infrastructure by 34%, while minimizing service interruptions and improving passenger safety.
  • The monthly number of maintenance interventions has been reduced by 15% and monthly pollutant emissions on the railway by 15% and by 25%.
  • Ports have benefited from a 10% reduction in operational costs and improvements in terminal efficiency.
  • Airports have optimized the use of their resources and improved the passengers’ travel experience.
  • Road traffic has also benefited from Big Data, with improved predictions of traffic incidents two hours in advance; truck routes have been able to reduce travel times by 17%, thanks to route optimisation, and the number of delivery vehicles needed for distribution in a city could be reduced by 38%, thanks to new data-driven planning tools.

Mr. Rodrigo Castineira, TT’s Project Coordinator from INDRA, who was on hand to receive the award, said that “we’re excited to demonstrate how Big Data can totally transform thetransport sector”. Also present was the Impact Leader of TT Mrs. Vivian Kiousi and Senior Business Innovation Manager at INTRASOFT International who underlined the importance of communicating the impact that Big Data can have on changing lives for the better. Also present was Mr. Andrian Irala from INDRA, the story writer, who thanked all the people involved in the project that inspired him to produce the winning story telling.

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