The EU-funded TransformingTransport (TT) project has brought together high-level European transport companies, institutes and stakeholders related to Big Data, ICT, mobility and logistics with the aim of upgrading the transport and mobility sectors. In its thirteen pilot projects, TT leveraged Big Data to streamline air, rail, sea and land transport, potentially saving millions of euros once these pilot projects become reality on the ground.

One of the key outcomes of this ongoing project is the TT open data portal, representing a platform which supplies datasets that can be exploited to propose more ways for improving mobility and logistics. The portal hosts freely open datasets, in addition to metadata of unpublished or restricted datasets that could still be used under special agreement with concerned parties.

TT has delivered many insightful and meaningful conclusions and results that demonstrate how to use datasets to radically streamline the transport sector in many ways and across many domains. The latest TT newsletter focuses on two key elements that have helped TT use these datasets successfully to bring positive results: the TT data portal and the TT data quality process. Read the TT newsletter here.