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Data Innovation beyond the Hype

Training Provider: sirris

The mastercourse ‘Data Innovation beyond the Hype’ held by the Data and AI Competence Lab of Sirris (EluciDATA Lab) provides pragmatic and industry-oriented sessions on data-driven innovation. The mastercourse cycle consists of six general sessions, covering the different steps of the data science workflow. Additionally, the Lab has developed a set of new topic specific sessions focusing on industrial applications of data science and artificial intelligence.

On demand we can also give this cours at your company’s premises tailored to your specific data challenges or provide an intensive training program with one of your colleagues working on your specific data challenges.

General sessions

Session 1: The art of formulating a data science task

Session 2: Bring your own data innovation challenge (session 2a & session 2b)

Session 3: The importance of data exploration and hypothesis building

Session 4: The power of data visualisation

Session 5: The art of feature engineering

Session 6: Choosing the right algorithm for the right task Sessions focusing on industrial applications Session on the opportunities and challenges of fleet-based analytics

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