This e-SIDES workshop report presents the key takeaways and lessons learned during the e-SIDES workshop “Towards Value-Centric Big Data” held in Brussels on April 2, 2019.

The workshop aimed at gathering all actors whose work and active engagement can promote responsible research and innovation in the field of big data paving the way to design and deploy the next generation of big data solutions. The ultimate goal was to engage with this broad community around the debate on how big data solutions can be developed and used in a responsible way, protecting societal values to the greatest possible extent.

The workshop was highly interactive and called for attendees’ active contribution to the discussion. The morning session was dedicated to high-level keynote speakers and presentations, while the afternoon session hosted the knowledge café “towards responsible big data”.

This workshop report describes the event and presents the key findings of the discussions carried out during the knowledge café session.

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About the e-SIDES project

Data-driven innovation is deeply transforming society and the economy. Although there are potentially enormous economic and social benefits, this innovation also brings new challenges for individual and collective privacy, security, as well as democracy and participation. The main objective of the CSA e-SIDES is to complement the research on privacy-preserving big data technologies, by analysing, mapping and clearly identifying the main societal and ethical challenges emerging from the adoption of big data technologies, conforming to the principles of responsible research and innovation; setting up and organizing a sustainable dialogue between industry, research and social actors, as well as networking with the main Research and Innovation Actions and Large Scale Pilots and other framework program projects interested in these issues. It will investigate stakeholders’ concerns, and collect their input, framing these results in a clear conceptual framework showing the potential trade-offs between conflicting needs and providing a basis to validate privacy-preserving technologies. It will prepare and widely disseminate community shared conclusions and recommendations highlighting the best way to ultimately build the confidence of citizens and businesses towards big data and the data economy.

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