The EU-funded OPEN DEI project supports the creation of common data platforms based on a unified architecture and an established standard in different sectors: Manufacturing, Agriculture, Energy and Healthcare, which represent key fields for the deployment of the EU strategy for digitalisation. In this framework, OPEN DEI aims to detect gaps, encourage synergies, support regional and national cooperation, and enhance communication among the Innovation Actions implementing the EU Digital Transformation strategy. Furthermore, OPEN DEI is aligned with the aims and objectives of the Digitising European Industry initiative in the contexts of Regulatory Framework, Partnership and Platform, Skills and Jobs and Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs).

OPEN DEI supports the identification of a Reference Architecture based on common and recognized standards to encourage the creation and spread of Data Oriented Digital Platforms to the exchange of data with respect for sovereignty and trust. ENGINEERING, in collaboration with other members of the Consortium, has fostered and supported the creation and development of a common Reference Architecture and is involved in the promotion of an innovation and collaboration environment aiming to support inter-IAs collaboration in the four areas and to connect with relevant DIHs in the DT domain.

The third OPEN DEI webinar held on May 28 introduced a cross-sector and general purpose Reference Architecture proposed by FIWARE, complemented by relevant experiences and lessons learnt by domain-specific experts providing their own perspective in the four sectors addressed within OPEN DEI.


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