The BigMedilytics project will organize the event “Big Data: Fueling the transformation of Europe’s Healthcare Sector” on the 4th and 5th of September in the Polytechnic City of Innovation in Valencia (Spain). The highly interactive programme will involve representatives of the European Commission, other EU funded projects, and organisations covering the key players in the healthcare sector from across Europe.

The meeting will bring together high-level speakers such as Dr Ceri Thomson, Deputy head of the eHealth Unit in DG CNECT within the European Commission and Prof Dr med Stefan Blankenburg from UKE (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf).

During the first day, breakout sessions will be organized covering three different themes within the Healthcare sector, namely Population Health and Chronic Disease Management, Oncology and Industrialization of Healthcare Services. On the second day, three parallel sessions will take place: a session on Security, Privacy & Legal Aspects of Healthcare Big Data Analytics, a networking session and an AI in Healthcare workshop organized by the BDVA TF7-Healthcare to identify and discuss the key areas and the vision and future potential of AI in Healthcare. The workshop will result in an “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare” whitepaper.

About the BigMedilytics project

The BigMedilytics project is the largest EU-funded initiative under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme to transform the region’s healthcare sector through the use of big data. The initiative aims to achieve better patient outcomes in healthcare at a lower cost through the application of big data solutions.

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