The General Assembly meeting of the TransformingTransport Horizon 2020 project took place on 21-23 January 2019 in Madrid, Spain. The three-day meeting, which gathered more than 70 transport innovation and big data experts, was hosted at the project coordinator’s Indra Sistemas SA, premises.

Developments, main results achieved so far as well as the procedures and milestones planned until the end of the project were extensively discussed. The leaders of the TT 13 Pilots shared their experiences and lessons learnt during the project.

Special attention was paid to the market opportunities and exploitation plans of the TT Pilots. New business models and assets of the Pilots that can be commercially exploited were extensive to feed future publishable documents to be shared with the public.

The project is also working towards the contribution of the policy recommendations to be provided to Europe-wide policymakers in the transport, logistics and big data sector.

The meeting participants confirmed that the project is successfully proceeding towards its finalization and is expecting promising results that will give a push for transforming the European transport and logistics industries by leveraging Big Data solutions.