A popular quote attributed to ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi goes along the lines of “To attain knowledge, add things everyday. To attain wisdom, remove things everyday.”

From our experience at EW-Shopp project we have learned that while our data sources – the ‘knowledge’ used for building custom insights and business knowledge – are constantly growing in quantity and quality (for example through our enrichment tools such as DataGraft and ASIA), our methodology should be streamlined and somewhat reduced in order to be more effective, usable and sharable.

One of the challenging features of our project is the inclusion of very diverse Business Cases: for this reason, we are committed to the adoption of a common methodology for evaluation and therefore to consolidate a common dataflow and apply it to all of these Business Cases.

In our latest blog post we have shared some updates on our data integration methodology, how we have been updating it, streamlining it and applying it to our demonstration pilot Business Cases.

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