Nine projects funded under the ICT-38-2020 Call and focusing on integrating state-of-the-art AI technologies in the manufacturing domain, joined their forces towards more effective work on AI in manufacturing. The AI-MAN cluster, supported by EFFRA and the Connected Factories project, aims at exploiting synergies between the projects and increasing their impact.

The first of a series of ICT-38 Projects Cluster (AI-MAN) workshops that took place last month, aimed to make the participants aware of each project’s objectives, activities and technologies that are being developed and to further expand the potential areas of collaboration. The next steps include, among other, making full use of the mutual communication and dissemination actions, participating in joint events, to organise a series of joint open/public workshops, collaborating in production and sharing the AI assets, joint publications and common standardization activities. A specific shared space for the cluster is also envisaged and the work for its implementation is already under way.

More than 50 people from the ICT-38 projects, the AI REGIO project and EFFRA joined the workshop looking forward to further strengthen the projects collaboration and making the best of AI in manufacturing!



ICT-38-2020 projects:

AI-PROFICIENT (Artificial Intelligence for improved PROduction efFICIEncy, quality and maintenance – 957391)

ASSISTANT (leArning and robuSt deciSIon SupporT systems for agile mANufacTuring environments – 101000165)

COALA (COgnitive Assisted agile manufacturing for a LAbor force supported by trustworthy Artificial Intelligence – 957296)

EU-Japan.AI (Advancing Collaboration and Exchange of Knowledge Between the EU and Japan for AI-Driven Innovation in Manufacturing – 957339)

knowlEdge (Towards AI powered manufacturing services, processes, and products in an edge-to-cloud-knowlEdge continuum for humans [in-the-loop] – 957331)

STAR (Safe and Trusted Human Centric Artificial Intelligence in Future Manufacturing Lines – 956573)

MAS4AI (Multi-Agent Systems for Pervasive Artificial Intelligence for assisting Humans in Modular Production Environments – 957204)

TEAMING.AI (Human-AI Teaming Platform for Maintaining and Evolving AI Systems in Manufacturing – 957402)

XMANAI (Explainable Manufacturing Artificial Intelligence – 957362)


(Featured photo by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay)