Guide to the BDV Data Science Badge Program


BDV Data Science Badges principally serve to recognize the acquisition of data science skills. They are a tool which students of data science can use to demonstrate their skills. They also demonstrate that an educational program’s training meets the demands of industry.

The Benefits of BDV Data Science Badges

Data Scientists

  • Get your training and experience recognized
  • Build credentials which are widely recognized and easily verifiable
  • Display your skills online


  • Find candidates which meet your needs
  • Easily evaluate and verify the skills of your job candidates at different levels of granularity


  • Gain publicity for and the branded recognition of your programs
  • Recognize the partial completion of your training

Employers and Educators

  • Build a community to ensure that training meets demands


The types and requirements for the badges

Starting with the Edison Data Science Framework, developed as part of the EDISON project, members of the BDVe project and experts from the BDVA Skills Task Force have developed a proposal for both the types and requirements for the BDV badges. Included in this process were surveys of interested parties in both industry and academia. Currently, the proposal includes 5 different badges:

1. Data Science Analytics
2. Data Engineering
3. Data Science Management
4. Business Process Management
5. Data Science Research Methods


Educational programs currently issuing BDV Badges

A list of programs currently issuing BDV Badges can be found here.

The basic logistics of the program

1. An educational program applies to issue a BDV badge
2. That program then imparts training in data science to students and evaluates their acquisition of data science skills
3. Once a student demonstrates that they meet the requirements of a BDV badge, the program issues the student the badge.
4. Students can then display their badges online and in job applications.

How to participate?

The 1st Call for the Academic Level of the Data Science Analytics Badge is currently open. Educational institutions which want to issue the Data Science Analytics Badge can apply now!