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To address the needs of data scientists, industry, and academia while taking into consideration educational trends in Europe, the BDVe has been working on two separate schemes for the recognition of data science skills. The main goals of both of these schemes are to:

  • Align training in data science with industrial needs
  • Simplify the assessment of candidates for data science positions
  • Encourage students to acquire data science skills.

The first scheme is focused on formal education in data science, while the second addresses non-formal education in data science.

 BDV Data Science Badges for Formal Education

The initial proposal for the program consists of five badges. The types and requirements for these badges are based upon the EDSF of the EDISON project, as well as the results of feedback from interested parties in industry and academia.

BDV Data Science Training Labels for Non-Formal Education

The new BDV Data Science Training Labels program is currently in the proof of concept stage. The latest news and details regarding this initiative can be found here.

Does your institution want a branded recognition for your data science program?

The 1st Call for the academic level of the Data Science Analytics badge is currently open. Educational institutions which want to issue the Data Science Analytics badge can apply now to participate in the call!

Institutions applying during the 1st Call will be evaluated at no cost and if their application is accepted, they will be able to issue their students up to 5000 new badges per year for up to 4 years.