The main goal of the session is to showcase approaches that greatly simplify the work of a data analyst when performing data analytics, or when employing machine learning algorithms, over Big Data. The session will include presentations on

(a) How data analytics workflows can be easily and graphically composed, and then optimized for execution,

(b) How raw data with great variety can be easily queried using SQL interfaces, and

(c) How complex machine learning operations can be performed efficiently in distributed settings.

After these presentations, the speakers will participate in a discussion with the audience, in order to discuss further tools that could make the work of a data analyst more simple.

Talks & Demos:

1) INFORE: Graphical Data Analytic Workflows and Cross-Platform Optimization (17 min)

2) SmartDataLake : Data Virtualization (17 min)

3) ExtremeEarth: Hopsworks, a data-intensive AI platform for Deep Learning with Earth Observation data (17 min)

David Arnu
Senior Data Scientist at RapidMiner, GmbH

Theofilos Kakantousis
COO at Logical Clocks

Miguel Branco
CTO & Co-Founder at RAW Labs

11th of June 2020, 10am – 11am CEST
Webinar ID: 238-074-275