TRUSTS project follows different approaches to take you on the journey to a federated data market platform. They provide insights but we also invite you to participate – e.g. within TRUSTS learning platform.

An initiative like TRUSTS is not a straight development from point A to point B. It is more like a curvy, bumpy road. The project follows different approaches, looking into different fields, collecting information and using everything to solve the challenges they face. And all of this in a very transparent way.

TRUSTS invites you to take a look at sections and platforms and also to participate yourself. On their website, you can find a research section where we provide information and links about our ongoing research and published papers. Besides, you can gain insights through webinars or knowledge base where the project collects interesting material surrounding TRUSTS-topics.

If you are interested in learning something about TRUSTS in a more gaming way and bringing your own knowledge to the project look at their social micro learning platform. Take quizzes about the project and project related facts or add questions and information yourself there!

Be part of the knowledge exchange!


(Featured photo by mahdis mousavi on Unsplash)