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The health crisis due to COVID-19 is shaping a new reality in which the exchange and access to health data in a secure way will be more and more necessary. In this complex challenge converge both the respect for the individual rights as well as the interests of the patients and the need to promote the research in pursuit of the public interest. To face this challenge, we can find different approaches across Europe. In this webinar, we will present the experiences of three EU-funded projects (BigMedilytics, BodyPass, and DeepHealth), besides an overview of the legal framework and recommendations to enforce both national regulations and GDPR by an expert in data privacy and security.


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The new data-driven industrial revolution highlights the need for big data technologies to unlock the potential in various application domains. The insurance and finance services industry is rapidly transformed by data-intensive operations and applications. FinTech and InsuranceTech combine very large datasets from legacy banking systems with other data sources such as financial markets data, regulatory datasets, real-time retail transactions, and more, improving financial services and activities for customers.


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To start identifying synergies and to learn how different projects will address key data collection, sharing, integration, and exploitation challenges, a series of webinars have been organized under the umbrella of this Big Data Value PPP. These webinars are also organized by BDVA, BDVe project, and other projects which are part of this PPP.


This session aims to analyze in-depth the challenges, limitations and longer-term perspectives of these pilots as well as other existing relevant ongoing projects and activities in other programmes. Based on this analysis, the aim is to outline future research and innovation needs in terms of convergence and alignment of the basic technologies and their utilization in industry and especially SMEs. Outcomes of this workshop will be relevant for the future research and innovation activities in both the EuroHPC JU, and the AI, Data, and Robotics Partnership, and are meant to support alignment in between both partnerships.


Virtual BenchLearning: Big Data – Benchmark your way to excellent business performance

Organized by DataBench, with Gabriella Cattaneo as the main speaker


Whether you are a business line manager, a technology developer, or a researcher you’ll be interested to hear how different industries implement big data and their benchmark achievements in terms of revenue growth, profitability, and cost savings, as well as the quality of services or customer satisfaction. A strong focus on use cases will help participants to relate their experiences with the ones presented in the webinar. And we’ll tell you about our star performers – a group of companies who achieve the highest revenue and profit improvements leveraging big data. Finally, the results presented in the webinar will also be available soon in an interactive way through the DataBench Toolbox.


Virus Outbreak Data Network (VODAN)
Introduction and implementations

Organized by BDVA, in collaboration with
the GO-FAIR Initiative and Philips Foundation


The VODAN Implementation Network is one of the joint activities carried out by CODATA, RDA, WDS, and GO FAIR. The purpose of the Implementation Network is to make the SARS CoV-2 virus data FAIR, meaning that they are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and thus Reusable by both humans and machines, during this epidemic of COVID-19. BDVA organizes, with the support of GO FAiR, CODATA, and the Philips Foundation, a webinar on April 29th at 14h CEST to raise more awareness about this initiative. Read more about VODAN.


Using BDV Badges to Recognize Data Science Skills (for Academia, Industry and Students)

Ernestina Menasalvas and Nick Swobda, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)


How can BDV Data Science Badges help in the selection of job candidates? Would your university like to issue badges that recognize data science skills?

This webinar will explain the initiative being led by the BDVe project in collaboration with the BDVA Skills Task Force to recognize data science skills acquired through formal education. The main goal of this work is to address the needs of the different stakeholders in the data science ecosystem: university students, academia, and industry. This initiative is based on the use of Open Badges which are issued by universities to students that have demonstrated that they have gained data science skills that were identified as being relevant to industrial needs.


New Challenges for Data Regulation beyond the GDRP: How to Assess Risks and Develop Tools in an Era of AI?

Daniel Bachlechner (Fraunhofer Austria), Rosa M. Araujo Rivero (EURECAT) and Karen Clements (ESBA)


What approaches are being taken to tackle the policy challenges within the big data landscape, and how are these solutions coping in reality? This webinar will address these issues through the perspective of two projects: e-SIDES and SMOOTH.

Daniel Bachlechner, of e-SIDES, will discuss the organizational and technical challenges that privacy-preserving big data technologies present, and how an increased level of dialogue between stakeholders can pave the way for appropriate and fair solutions. Rosa M. Araujo Rivero will delve into the main challenges experienced by SMEs and startups in dealing with GDPR compliance. Rosa’s work with the SMOOTH project will demonstrate how the proposed solutions are experienced in practice.


Big Data Breakthroughs
for Global Bio-economy

Thanasis Poulakidas from Intrasoft
Caj Södergård from VTT
Ephrem Habyarimana from CREA Research Center


The main goal of the DataBio project is to show the benefits of Big Data technologies in the raw material production from agriculture, forestry and fishery/aquaculture for the bio-economy industry to produce food, energy and bio-materials responsibly and sustainably. DataBio proposes to deploy a state of the art, big data platform on top of the existing partners’ infrastructure and solutions – the Big DATABIO Platform. Achieved impacts are measured against anticipations. In this webinar, we present the impact of the DataBio project and of its big data platform after three years of implementation, and we illustrate some of the novel breakthroughs on practical cases of artificial intelligence applications that are meaningfully boosting crop monitoring businesses with a global potential.


Help to get
investors ready.
Tips for data-centric
and data-driven
economy startups

Tonny Velin
from Answare


The webinar intends to provide some tips to help start-ups involved in Big Data and data-driven economy to successfully face the investment phase and to maximize their chances to get external funding for their future endeavor.


GDPR Consent, Transparency and Automated Compliance Checking: The SPECIAL Approach

Sabrina Kirrane from University of Economics and Business (WU)
Uros Milosevic from TenForce
Philip Raschke from TU Berlin


Worried about data privacy in big data? Don’t be! In this webinar we are going to present the approach of the SPECIAL project to address the contradiction between Big Data innovation and privacy-aware data protection. We will present the SPECIAL platform that allows:

     – The acquisition of user consent and associated data and metadata.
     – Catering for privacy-aware, secure workflows.
     – Support for privacy preserving innovation in Big Data environments.
     – Viz via a dashboard to make privacy in Big Data comprehensible and manageable for data subjects, controllers and processors.


Deep Learning for

Lara Lloret from Consejo
Superior de Investigaciones Científicas


Worried about the learning curve to introduce Deep Learning in your organization? Don’t be. The DEEP-HybridDataCloud project offers a framework for all users, including non-experts, enabling the transparent training, sharing and serving of Deep Learning models both locally or on hybrid cloud system. In this webinar we will be showing a set of use cases, from different research areas, integrated within the DEEP infrastructure.

The DEEP solution is based on Docker containers packaging already all the tools needed to deploy and run the Deep Learning models in the most transparent way. No need to worry about compatibility problems. Everything has already been tested and encapsulated so that the user has a fully working model in just a few minutes. To make things even easier, we have developed an API allowing the user to interact with the model directly from the web browser.

Big Data in
the Smart

Davide Dalle Carbonare
from Engineering and
Sergio Gusmeroli from the
Politecnic di Milano


The BDVA Smart Manufacturing Industry group is going to present in this webinar, challenges and opportunities related to the adoption of Big Data-driven solutions in the manufacturing domain. Following the grand scenarios defined by EFFRA (Smart Factory, Smart Supply Chain, Smart Product), the discussion will make use of real cases and pilots from research projects to elaborate on the topic.


Rocking the boat with
big data – The Big Data
Ocean platform

Spyros Mouzakitis and Giannis Tsapelas from NTUA

BigDataOcean brings a digital revolution to the maritime industry by creating a large maritime big data infrastructure that enables collaborative, data-driven intelligence. BigDataOcean will allow analytics based on diverse data resources, coming from public and private providers. In this webinar, Spyros Mouzakitis and Giannis Tsapelas will present a demo of the BigDataOcean platform and discuss the challenges and lessons learned so far.


BDV Marketplace essentials

Ricard Munné, Project Manager at ATO and Sussane Kuehrer, Project Coordinator EC Projects, EIT Digital

The BDV Innovation Marketplace aims at the promotion of innovation results of the Big Data PPP projects and results to a wider public by means of an interactive interface that enables matching the big data solutions demand and supply side, as well as facilitating the interaction between all participants. These webcasts explain the motivation and benefits of the innovation marketplace, complemented with a “walkthrough” guide explaining how to add new big data solutions or search for existing ones


Big Data for Public Policy
The State of Play

Anne Fleur van Veenstra (TNO) & Francesco Mureddu (Lisbon Council)


Do you know how data-driven approaches can influence the policy cycle and the benefits derived from this? Have you ever participated in a policy-lab, collaborating with other stakeholders to develop and test a policy? In this session, Anne Fleur van Veenstra from TNO will delve into current practices, insights and lessons learnt from current policy-lab projects, followed by Francesco Mureddu, from the Lisbon Council, who will look ahead and identify the main challenges and opportunities by presenting and discussing a roadmap for Future Research Directions in data-driven Policy Making.


How much do you know about
the European Strategy on Big Data?

Nuria de Lama, Member of the Board of Directors of the BDVA
and European Programs Manager at Atos


You have probably heard about the Big Data Value PPP and the Big Data Value Association, but, are you sure you know what is behind them? Do you know which are the priorities and objectives of the European strategy on Big Data Research and Innovation and the way European payers’ money is being invested? What is a data platform, data sharing initiatives, or data market size? And a data space? Is Europe lagging behind the US and China as we are usually told? And looking at the future. Which steps are being taken to define a data-driven Artificial Intelligence? Too many questions that start with a single answer: your attendance to this webinar.


Copernicus Start-up Programme

Francesco Barbato

Francesco Barbato, Policy Officer at the European Commission, is going to explain the opportunities for start-ups around Copernicus data.


TOREADOR – Designing Big Data pipelines

Ernesto Damiani & Paolo Ceravolo


In the Internet of Everything, huge volumes of multimedia data are generated at very high rates by heterogeneous sources in various formats, such as sensors readings, process logs, structured data from RDBMS, etc. The need of the hour is setting up efficient data pipelines that can compute advanced analytics models on data and use results to customize services, predict future needs or detect anomalies. This Webinar explores the TOREADOR conversational, service-based approach to the easy design of efficient and reusable analytics pipelines to be automatically deployed on a variety of cloud-based execution platforms.


Transforming Transport

Tonny Velin (Answare)
& Andreas Metzger (Paluno)


Learn about how the Transforming Transport Lighthouse Project is helping to transform the Transport and Logistics domains using big data technologies. Lessons learned, pitfalls, innovation potential and business insights.


Ocean Protocol – Why you need to care about how you share data

Dr Irene López de Vallejo

Come and learn about Ocean Protocol, a blockchain powered infrastructure built specifically to enable data sharing. It addresses a lot of the challenging issues surrounding data privacy, trust, security, auditability, and control, which is a key factor hindering data sharing in the private sectors.


QROWD – The Human Factor in Big Data

Elena Simperl


The second of the BDVe series of webinars related to Big Data technologies presents the QROWD project. Elena Simperl (University of Southampton) will provide an overview and technical details on how human interaction and crowdsourcing could help in different steps of the data value chain, from data acquisition to data curation and completion, etc. Examples on how to add human in the loop in the domains of Smart Cities and Smart Transportation will be provided.


DataBench – Benchmarking Big Data

Gabriella Cattaneo & Arne Berre


This webinar presents the DataBench project. Arne Berre (SINTEF) will explain the efforts to characterise and reuse big data benchmarking frameworks from a technical perspective, and share details of the degree of support that DataBench will provide to other projects and big data practitioners to benchmark big data tools and applications. Gabriella Cattaneo (IDC) will provide ideas on how big data benchmarking could help organizations to get better business insights and take informed decisions.