Big Data Value PPP: Policy4Data Policy Brief

This policy brief reflects current developments within the several Big Data research projects funded under H2020 and, combined with insights from the BDV PPP summit in Riga 1, aims to contribute to ongoing challenges in Europe around the regulation of big data. This policy brief is a product of the Common Dissemination Booster, funded under H2020. The policy recommendations are based on projects participating in the CDB services..

Big Data for Public Policy
– The State of Play

Autor – Charlotte van Oirsouw.

Highlights of the interactive sessions organized by BDVe at ICT2018

Data Protection and Privacy, and Data Democratization.

DataBio Starts Trials of
26 Bioeconomy Pilots

The European Union’s Data-Driven Bioeconomy project has announced the launch of 26 different pilot trials, which are already underway in 17 countries.

Big Data & Complex Knowledge

Observations and Recommendations for Research from the K-Plex Project.

Collaboration between BDVe and GATE

How can a best practice guide of the Network of National Big Data Value Centres of Excellence facilitate the first Big Data Centre of Excellence in Bulgaria?