The EU-funded research project SPECIAL will present its project outcomes at an exhibition booth and during events at the European Big Data Value Forum 2019 (EBDVF19), which will take place this year in Helsinki 14-16 October. In particular, our project coordinator Sabrina Kirrane (Vienna University of Economics and Business) will take part in the session on Artificial Intelligence and Data Interoperability, chaired by Rigo Wenning (ERCIM/W3C) on day 2 at 16:15 pm.

The acronym SPECIAL stands for ‘Scalable Policy-awarE linked data ArChitecture for prIvacy, trAnsparency and compLiance’. We are a 3-year (Jan17-Dec19) European research and innovation project funded under the Horizon2020-ICT-2016-1 Big Data PPP call to address privacy-preserving Big Data technologies.

To support GDPR compliance and respectful treatment of personal information, we develop technology that:

• supports the acquisition of user consent at collection time and the recording of both data and metadata (consent, policies, event data, context) according to legal and user-specified policies;
• facilitates privacy-aware, secure workflows with usage/access control and auditability to enhance transparency and compliance verification;
• demonstrates robustness in terms of performance, scalability and security ;
• provides a dashboard with feedback and control features that make data collection and processing comprehensible and manageable for data subjects, controllers, and processors alike.

The outcome of the SPECIAL-project will be for the direct benefit of data subjects, as well as a business enabler for data controllers. We develop this technology to ease the industry’s difficulties with GDPR compliance and to enable respectful treatment of personal information.

We would like to kindly invite everyone interested to join us at EBDVF19 and check out our work!