We have launched the ‘Project of the week’ campaign, presenting daily bits of information about each one of the BDV-PPP projects on our social media channels.

From Monday to Thursday will get to know the team, the type of activity, the partners and the main challenges and outcomes of the project. On Friday a brand new post will summarize the whole story.

Our first week has been dedicated to TransformingTransport.

TransformingTransport is a colossal EU-funded project that represents a strong consortium leading transport, logistics and information technology stakeholders in Europe.

With a budget of EUR 18.7 million and the participation of 48 organisations from 9 countries, the Horizon 2020 Big Data Value Lighthouse project is working on finding a more efficient and more sustainable transport paradigm. It aims to show concrete, measurable and verifiable evidence of data value that can be achieved in mobility and logistics.

TransformingTransport is targeting transport and logistics sectors and is working, launching pilots across seven domains, covering highways, rail infrastructure, airports, urban mobility, vehicle connectivity, ports and e-commerce logistics. Important information technology areas covered include large-scale data analytics, software engineering and security.

The work of the project is supported by the High-Level Advisory Board composed of the internationally renowned transport experts.

Under the premise of ‘Big Data Value in Mobility and Logistics’, TransformingTransport is looking at how the massive amounts of data being generated by the sector can be effectively exploited, proposing new, cutting-edge ways to support transformation.Technology is transforming transport as we know it: the gathering and analysis of Big Data has the potential to streamline all transport modes and make them faster, safer, and more reliable.

TransformingTransport will enable the technology providers to demonstrate the progress beyond the state-of-the-art in Big Data technologies and techniques. In-focus areas are: dynamic prediction models, event cloud services, streaming analytics for real-time data, batch analytics for historical data, etc. Novel solutions based on combinations of both existing and novel algorithms and concepts are to be implemented and tested in real world use cases. These solutions are to be evaluated and validated in industrially relevant environments and the results will be documented.

A unique characteristic of TransformingTransport is that all transport modes, sectors and stakeholders together with their relevant data will be covered, showcasing the transformative nature across the whole mobility and logistics value chain, and not only for individual market segments. Thereby, TransformingTransport will further strengthen and increase the innovation potential and market opportunities of EU companies in a sector where they are already strong.

TransformingTransport will use data sources across all different transport modes and perform vertical and horizontal data integration, thereby contributing to break the silos: building bridges of information between sectors and cross-fertilizing the usage of Big Data technology and applications. “We expect at least doubling the use of Big Data technology, counting on the significant improvements in cost structures of existing processes and the opportunities that are arising for new services and business models”.

The huge amount of information being gathered through the project is already yielding positive results in achieving this aim, from rapid detection of faults on rail links to improved traffic management of roads and faster turnaround times for airplanes.