Transforming Transport
Transforming Transport
at the BDV PPP
Meet-Up in Riga

With a budget of EUR 18.7 million and the participation of 48 organisations from 9 countries, the Horizon 2020 Big Data Value Lighthouse project Transforming Transport (TT) aims to show concrete, measurable and verifiable evidence of data value that can be achieved in mobility and logistics by leveraging Big Data.
As the project coming to an end, TT already demonstrated that Big Data solutions are technically and economically viable and able to transform transport processes and services.
The consortium is bringing about a major paradigm shift in transport and logistics through 13 pilot projects in 7 pilot domains to showcase Big Data impact in the below areas:

        •   Highways
        •   vehicle connectivity
        •   rail infrastructure
        •   ports
        •   airports
        •   urban mobility
        •   e-commerce logistics

TT is excited to participate in the BDV PPP Summit 2019 in Riga, aiming to highlight the results of its ambitious pilot cases which are expected to radically transform transport operation through Big Data use. The dedicated session is organised by the project on Wednesday, 26 June at 11:35 Transforming Transport: How the demand meets the supply, where the overall project and the pilots’ results, but also the technology insights will be presented and explained.

The Summit participants will also have a chance to see the demonstrations of the most ground-breaking results of the 6 of TT’s 13 pilots at the TT booth at the event’s exhibition.

The Smart Passenger Flow pilot will show how airports can predict aircraft delays, improve transfer times, improve day-to-day airport operations and even enhance commercial activity and the airport. In parallel, TT’s Smart Turnaround ETA Prediction pilot will underline how it can improve aircraft turnaround time, which in turn minimises operation costs and increases passenger satisfaction.

In the area of road transport, the two pilots of the domain, the AUSOL Load Balancing and Load Balancing Pilot – Norte Litoral pilots, will reveal how analysing Big Data is already optimising highway operation on the AUSOL and Norte Litoral highways in Spain and Portugal respectively.

The Duisport Inland Port pilot will demonstrate the use of Big Data solutions for the proactive management of bi-modal terminal operations as well as for predictive maintenance of terminal equipment.

Last but not least, the Predictive High Speed Network pilot will show how the pilot is improving the reliability of high-speed rail networks by optimising operator performance and maintenance of the rail infrastructure utilising Big Data technologies.

Finally TT will showcase on suggestions for policy recommendations deriving from the TT pilot experiences during the policy session organized by Tjerk Timan (TNO) entitled Use case and GovernancePolicy4data – Key Developments. (V. Kiousi (INTRASOFT) participates in the panel)