Sabrina Kirrane
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, Vienna University of Economics and business
Public Challenge looking for
flaws in the SPECIAL platform

She currently hold a senior postdoctoral researcher position at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, where I am also a member of the recently founded Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics. In addition, I am the Founding Director of the Privacy and Sustainable Computing Lab, which was setup in September 2015, and the Scientific/Technical Co-ordinator of the SPECIAL H2020 project, which kicked off in January 2017. My research interests include Security and Privacy aspects of the Semantic Web, Linked Data, Next Generation Internet (NGI), Big Data and Data Science, with a particular focus on policy representation and reasoning (e.g., access constraints, usage policies, regulatory obligations, societal norms, business processes), and the development of transparency and trust techniques for the NGI.