The first day of the Summit (Conference, 26 June) will include keynotes, speeches and discussion panels focused on how Data, AI and Privacy. Those subjects hould be used jointly to build a desirable future for citizen and economic actors with return on experience from nation decision support for governance, and from the new business model of Telecom and Smart cities and Transport pilots. It will also include a whole session dedicated to Data Driven AI, with an exclusive deep dive on the yet to be released BDVA Strategic Research and innovation Agenda on Artificial Intelligence and will introduce the way on how forthcoming EU initiatives will support the community to create value from AI capabilities. Finally, the day will draw some perspectives on how could Quantum Computing be good for Big Data and AI and will conclude with the best story award and the social event in the floating art gallery NOASS.

The next two days (Meetup, 27th-28th June) will be devoted to parallel workshops by the BDV PPP community on different topics of interest (B2B Manufacturing Industry Data Spaces, Data-driven business models, 

Data Benchmarking, Federation of Data Services, Big Data for NLP, Policy4data, etc.), the BDVA General Assembly and the Big Data Value PPP Steering Committee.

While the general assembly of BDVA will take place, we dedicate some space for a new innovative session called Bring your own topic: the principle is as follow, before or after the event you tweet the topic title with the tags #arroba#BDVA_PPP #byot and the topics with the more like will get a flag on a table, you are ready to present, brainstorm, discuss around the table.

The event will also include an exhibition area where several BDV PPP projects will showcase their most relevant results. This will be the last opportunity to learn about some projects that are finishing this year.

Willing to talk about your project or a specific technology? Do not hesitate to drop to the workshop organizer your contribution.













8:45 Registration

9:30 Opening

Ralfs Nemiro
(Minister of Economics of the Republic of Latvia)

Artūrs Toms Plešs
(Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Regional Development)

Andrejs Vasiļjevs
(CEO, Tilde)

Laure Le Bars
(BDVA Vice President, Research Director, SAP)

Opening message

Mariya Gabriel
(European Commission, DG Connect)

10:00 Data, AI and Privacy to build a desirable future for citizen and economical actors

Moderator: Jean-Christophe Pazzaglia (Project Manager, BDVe/SAP)

Data-Driven Nation
Edmunds Beļskis (Deputy State Secretary ICT, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development)

Big data for big ideas – challenges and opportunities for mobile operator
Dr Juris Binde (President and CEO, LMT)

Technology and Privacy: a US perspective
Merce Crosas (Research Data Officer with the Office of Vice Provost for Research, Harvard University)

Privacy-by-design data processing in smart cities lessons learned from European Large Scale Pilot
Dr Sébastien Ziegler (President of the IoT Forum and IoT Lab)

Discussion panel

11:20 Coffee break

11:40 Transforming Transport: How the demand meets the supply

Moderator: Vivian Kiousi (INTRASOFT – BDVA TF Transport and Logistics)

Jörg Kachelmann (CEO, Meteologix AG) & Hannes Münzner (Product Manager,Volkswagen AG)

Overview of overall project results
Rodrigo Castiñeira (Indra, TT Project Coordinator)

Technology insights
Andreas Metzger (UDE/Paluno, Technical Coordinator)

Pilot Results
David Scarlatti (Boeing, Malpensa airport pilot)

Sara Cuerva (Ferrovial, Malaga-Cordoba railway pilot)

12:40 Lunch


13:40 Artificial Intelligence Session

Moderator: Edward Curry (Insight/ BDVA)

Ana García Robles, (BDVA)

High-level Keynotes

The European Artificial Intelligence Strategy
Kimmo Rossi (European Commission)


Artificial Intelligence PPP Vision
Edward Curry (BDVA/Insight) & Bernd Liepert, (euRobotics)

Call for Participation

A Common Research Agenda for Artificial Intelligence, Data and Robotics
David Bisset (euRobotics) & Sonja Zillner (Siemens)


Artificial Intelligence Application Impacts

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
Milan Petkovic (Philips)
Applying Robotics
Bernd Liepert (euRobotics)
Language Inclusion with Artificial Intelligence
Andrejs Vasiļjevs (Tilde)


Towards an Ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence Value-Creation
Edward Curry, (BDVA/Insight)


• Kimmo Rossi (European Commission)
• Andrejs Vasiļjevs (Tilde/META-NET)
• Laure Le Bars (SAP)
• Milan Petkovic (Philips)
• Michela Milano (UniBo/EuroAI/AI4EU)
• Alun Foster (ECSEL)
• Nizar Touleimat (CEA/ECSO)

15:40 Coffee break

16:00  Superposed? Entangled? How could Quantum Computing be good for Big Data and AI?

Laure Le Bars (Research Director, SAP)

Professor Andris Ambainis (University of Latvia)

16:50 Best Success Story Award

Ana García (Secretary General, BDVA)

Nuria de Lama (Project Manager, BDVe/ATOS)

17:10 Award Ceremony and Closing

Ms Dace Melbārde (Member of European Parliament)

17:20 Exhibition and networking

BDV PPP Technical Committee

Andreas Metzger (Members only)

19:00 Networking event




9:00 Registration


9:30 Workshop

Artificial Intelligence

AI Strategic Agenda
Edward Curry (Insight/ BDVA)


Federation of data services to foster the adoption of data-driven AI in Europe
Daniel Alonso Román (ITI)

Use case and Governance

Implementing B2B Manufacturing Industry Data Spaces: a BDVA perspective
Davide Dalle Carbonare & Sergio Gusmeroli (Engineering S.p.A)

Project Services

Public Challenge looking for flaws in the SPECIAL platform
Sabrina Kirrane (Vienna University of Economics and Business) & Rigo Wenning (W3C)

11:00 Coffee break


11:30 Workshop

Artificial Intelligence

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence for Natural Language Processing
Andrejs Vasiljevs (Tilde), Raivis Skadiņš (Tilde), Thierry Declerck (DFKI) & Pavel Pecina (Charles University in Prague)


Towards Value-Centric Big Data
Stefania Aguzzi (IDC)

Use case and Governance

Policy4data – Key Developments
Tjerk Timan (TNO)

Project Services

Addressing the growing need for skills in data science
Ernestina Menasalvas, Ana M. Moreno &  Nik Swoboda (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)


· Rocco Defina (Oxys Consulting)
· Yuri Demchenko (University of Amsterdam)
· Thomas Hauser (University of Colorado at Boulder)
· Liesbeth Ruoff-van Welzen (KNVI and IP3)

13:00 Lunch


14:30 Workshop

Artificial Intelligence

Regulating data as an essential AI resource
Natalie Bertels (CiTiP) & Freek Bomhof (TNO)


Data-driven business models: turning digital transformation into a competitive advantage
Michele Osella (ISMB)

Use case and Governance

Mobility and sensor data cross usage and behavior predicting services
Mihkel Solvak (University of Tartu)

Project Services

Data Benchmark as a Services
Nuria de Lama (Atos)

16:00 Coffee break

16:15 Plenary

16:35 GA/ Workshop

Tweet your own topic!

16:35 BDVA General Assembly

(Members only)

19:00 End of day 2




9:00 Door opening


9:15 Parallel Session

Big Data Driven Innovation Workshop (Please register on Eventbrite)
Sonja Zillner (Siemens)

Interoperability as an enabler of the data economy
Rigo Wenning (W3C)

BDV PPP Steering Committee
(Members only)
Nuria de Lama (Atos)


10:15 Coffee

10:30 Parallel Session

Big Data Driven Innovation Workshop (Please register on Eventbrite)
Sonja Zillner (Siemens)

Interoperability as an enabler of the data economy
Rigo Wenning (W3C)

BDV PPP Steering Committee
(Members only)
Nuria de Lama (Atos)

Getting ready for the platform and workload heterogeneity: A technical manifesto from the EVOLVE project
Jean-Thomas Acquaviva (DDN)

12:30 Light Lunch