Ew Shopp
EW SHOPP team will present
two demos that can be
alternated on the basis
of the attendees’ interests

EWSHOPP team will present two demos that can be alternated on the basis of the attendees’ interests. In one demo, the project will present a business service that we are developing in the Digital Marketing domain and coordinated by JOT. This pilot is implementing a new data flow enabling marketing performance data enrichment with weather forecast and predictive analytics. In the demo it will be shown how it is possible to predict the best date to launch a campaign based on a keyword behavior modelling and weather forecast for the next days. In this way, campaign managers can implement the actions boosting the impact in the market.

In a second demo, we will showcase Grafterizer and ASIA, the tools that we have developed and improved in the project to support the preparation of the business data analyzed to develop the above mentioned service.

In this demo we will show how a user can prepare the data by cleansing the source business data and enrich them with third-party weather data using semantics in the background, We will show how a user can design the transformations using the UI of the tools, thus generating data transformation pipelines that can be executed on very large data. We refer to this process demoed in Riga as Semantic Data Enrichment.For more details we refer to material of a tutorial about this specific topic, which will be given at the 16th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2018) in Portoroz, Slovenia on June 2nd 2019.

The two EWSHOPP demos are ready and we plan to switch from one to another depending on the audience interest. If space is enough, we can also keep two laptops so as to be able to give both demos at the same time.