MediaFutures, the new data innovation hub bringing together startups, SMEs and artists to solve challenges in the media industry, will be present at the Ars Electronica Festival 2021 with the panel Creating with Data: From Arts to Entrepreneurship and two workshops from MediaFutures artist teams with a reflection on how they use data on their artwork creation.

The panel Creating with Data: From Arts to Entrepreneurship will take place on 9 September from 12:40 – 13:40 CEST as part of the STARTS day.

Data has changed our lives in more than one way, from how we socialise online and run businesses to how we access public services and do science. It has been called the “raw material” of the digital age, fuelling creativity and innovation. And yet, its use has also raised challenges, including privacy, online polarisation, and digital inequality. The panel will discuss some of these tensions with artists and entrepreneurs – artists have long used data to create new work, sometimes commenting on some of these challenges; businesses have valued the way it can inform decisions, despite concerns that it tends to promote incremental rather than disruptive innovation. 

Speakers are: David De Roure, professor of e-Research / Engineering Science Department – University of Oxford; Julie Freeman, computer scientist and artist; Helene Guillaume, founder and CEO of WILD.AI; Mariana Lanari, performance artist; Obvious Collective, collective of researchers and artists. The panel will be moderated by Elena Simperl, professor of computer science – King’s College London.


Other two occasions to interact with MediaFutures are the following two workshops:

On 10 September from 14:00-15:00 CEST the artists Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti will implement the workshop Art and (invisible) technology: A closer look at Soft Evidence and On View.

In both Soft Evidence (2021) and On View (2019), Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti incorporate advanced technologies into immersive works that appear to be non-digital – even though they are the opposite. While critically engaging with dilemmas around large scale AI, ubiquitous computing, extractive technologies, and synthetic media, their work highlights the nuanced ways in which technology affects our lives in often invisible ways. In this talk, the duo dive into their approach to using technology both conceptually and technically in their practice.

On 10 September from 15:00-16:00 CEST the artists of Domestic Data Streamers will make a dive in An hour of violence into the contents and experience of the “730 hours of violence” exhibition. In this workshop the creative team at Domestic Data Streamers will walk you through 8 invisible contemporary violences that have a great impact in our everyday lives. The team will talk about the conceptual research behind the project, how they’ve turned such complex information into an interactive exhibition and will end up with a live collective debate on meaningful questions around the topic.

We are looking forward to meeting you during the MediaFutures events! 

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The MediaFutures project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 951962. 


(Featured photo by Jéan Béller on Unsplash)