Opertus Mundi aims is to build an Industrial Geospatial Data Marketplace for Europe, that shall be a central hub for geospatial data that guarantees affordability and flexibility in line with the needs of all users regardless of their size, domain, and expertise. Our vision is a breakthrough in the trading and sharing of commercial geospatial data assets in a cross-border and cross-sector setting following the goal to implement Europe’s Data Economy.

As a first major step, we have set up two surveys to gather feedback from data owners and consumers on how to design the platform so that it suits their needs.

Survey for geospatial data consumers (approx. 7 min.)
Survey for geospatial data owners and producers (approx. 15 min.)

More details are also available in a Blog Post on the project website here

More information on the project in general can be found on the CORDIS portal and the recently published website.