On the 28th of January, the TRUSTS project held the second webinar of its series. The webinar focused on business model considerations of the emerging TRUSTS data market and delved into the topics of data markets taxonomy, value creation and USPs en route to business sustainability.

The TRUSTS project in fact seeks to establish a data platform for secure, trustworthy and GDPR-compliant data exchange. In doing so, it strives for business sustainability to become a viable business partner in the data ecosystem. To set itself apart from other data market infrastructures, TRUSTS focuses on data sovereignty, federation, and interoperability. However, does this suffice for business sustainability? It is definitely not an easy undertaking and requires dedicated exploration as part of the project.

If you want to know more about the conclusions of the webinar and about Trusts approach to business models do not hesitate to read the full article here and visit the TRUSTS website.