Madrid, Spain – August 2019.
DataBench, a project funded by the European Horizon 2020 Programme, working on the development of a benchmarking framework for Big Data Technologies announces the availability of three public deliverables on its website:


This document provides further analysis of the performance measurement metrics that companies are benchmarking to assess their use of Big Data and Analytics technologies, based on the Economic, Market and Business Analysis Methodology developed by the project. The report is based on desk research from public sources, IDC research databases and the survey made by DataBench to 700 European businesses in 11 EU Member States. Furthermore, it shows the importance of business KPIs for Big Data Analytics users to benchmark the value of their investments in these technologies by sector and company size.


The benchmarks will be tested and validated through the analysis of case studies carried out by WP4, verified with the analysis in WP5 and updated at the end of DataBench project in 2020.



This document presents the initial architecture of the DataBench Toolbox, which will include formal mechanisms to ease the process of reusing existing or new big data benchmarks into a common framework that will help stakeholders to find, select, download, execute and get a set of homogenized metrics. The DataBench Toolbox aims to be an umbrella framework for big data benchmarking by allowing users to include new benchmarks into the Toolbox and provide a set of automatisms and recommendations to allow the usage of these tools to become part of the ecosystem.


The Toolbox is an integral part of the DataBench Framework, which ultimately will deliver recommendations and business insights out of existing big data benchmarks.



This document proposes an evaluation and monitoring approach for the DataBench Framework based on the current ISO/IEC standards for system and software quality. The developed methodology adapts multiple quality factors implemented using technical metrics in order to assess the DataBench framework capabilities from different user perspectives, which is integrated in the existing DataBench workflow and modular architecture applied in the Alpha release of the Toolbox.

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About DataBench

At the heart of DataBench is the goal to design a benchmarking process helping European organizations developing BDT to reach for excellence and constantly improve their performance, by measuring their technology development activity against parameters of high business relevance.

DataBench will investigate existing Big Data benchmarking tools and projects, identify the main gaps and provide a robust set of metrics to compare technical results coming from those tools.

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