The Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme is a financing instrument at EU level to promote a high level of quality and sustainable employment, improving working conditions. The Programmes is structured on three axes that support:

•   The modernisation of employment and social policies with the PROGRESS axes (61% of the total budget).
•    Job mobility with the EURES axes (18% of the total budget).
•    Access to micro-finance and social entrepreneurship with the Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship axes (21% of the total budget).


Promoting job mobility across the EU

The aim of this axis is to strengthen EURES, a European job mobility network that provides information, guidance and recruitment/placement services to employers, job seekers and any citizen wishing to take advantage of freedom of movement for workers.

It covers three thematic sections:

  • Transparency of job vacancies, job applications and any related information for applicants and employers.
  • Development of services for the recruitment and placing of workers in employment.
  • Cross-border partnerships.


  • Ensure that job vacancies and applications and corresponding information and advice, as well as any related information, are made transparent for the potential applicants and the employers.
  • Support the provision of EURES services for the recruitment and placing of workers in quality and sustainable employment through the clearance of job vacancies and applications. This support will cover all phases of placement, from pre-recruitment preparation to post-placement assistance.