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Digital Opportunity Traineeships – an EU-funded training initiative – aims to help companies fill vacancies with digitally competent candidates. Digital skills are not only required in the ICT sector but increasingly across all sectors.

Knowledge of digital skills also improves the life opportunities of citizens. For students and recent graduates, temporary work placements could provide a unique chance to develop digital skills at a faster pace than could be achieved through formal education, and increase their employability.



The initiative, which is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme and implemented through highly successful Erasmus+ Programme, will enable participants to gain valuable work experience through traineeships with businesses abroad. These cross-border traineeships will be made available to students from all disciplines keen to develop their digital skills. Companies, from SMEs to large corporations, can publish their offers on the platforms Drop’pin#arroba#EURES or ErasmusIntern or advertise them through direct contacts with university career or international relations offices. Students and recent graduates can then apply for placements through their universities, according to procedures established by their university for Erasmus+ traineeships.

Students will receive an average allowance of EUR 500 per month via the initiative, but the precise amount will depend on the sending and receiving countries. Companies do not need to sign an agreement with universities; they just make offers as host institutions and sign the learning agreement with the trainee. Enterprises or any other relevant workplace can host trainees. Payment of trainee insurance will be agreed between the company and the university in the Learning Agreement signed before the traineeship starts. Students do not pay the insurance from the Erasmus+ grant.

There is no obligation for a hosting company to hire a trainee after the traineeship, nor to keep him/her longer than agreed. As per Erasmus+ rules, traineeships can last 2 to 12 months – the actual duration of each traineeship depends on the university and the company. The duration is agreed at the moment of signing the Learning Agreement.