The MARVEL Minimum Viable Product demonstrates a first version of the MARVEL architecture, the specific role of each component within its context, the integration and deployment processes and tasks that took place, and an extensive presentation of the selected use cases from the user’s point of view, paving the way towards the first complete prototype of the MARVEL framework.

In the context of the MVP, the Decision Making Toolkit is aimed to facilitate transport planning and the evaluation of existing situations based on the observation of the road users’ behaviour like car drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, etc., but also on traffic statistics at road network junctions. Transport Managers in Malta study active travel modes such as cycling, walking, and more generally micro-mobility with the goal from one hand to increase the citizens’ preference for these modes and from the other hand to enhance safety and convenience for those who already do. They would like, for example, to find the optimal position for pedestrian crossings, whether provisions for cyclists at complex junctions are adequate, and whether installed provisions are being used as intended.

MARVEL MVP is limited to Malta needs but the MARVEL framework, in general, will be tested in Malta, Trento in Italy and Novi Sad in Serbia.


(Photo by Sebastian Svenson on Unsplash)