The main objective of the Lynx research and innovation project is to create an ecosystem of smart cloud services to better manage compliance issues, based on a Legal Knowledge Graph (LKG) that integrates and links multilingual and heterogeneous compliance data sources including legislation, case law, standards, regulations and other private contracts, besides others.
We kicked-off to great popularity the webinar series last 10th December with a general introduction to the Lynx project. However, there is much more to come. The next webinar is planned for 14th January and is devoted to feature the 3 Business Cases of the project. So, it cannot be missed!
The next three webinars and the Lynx final event will be held in February and March (see dates below) and we are really excited to welcome you all. Please find below a summary of the upcoming seminars, as well as registration options:
Webinar 2
10.30am CET
3 Business Cases on top of the Lynx Legal Knowledge Graph
Webinar 3
11.30am CET
The Lynx Services Platform (LySP) – Part 1: Overview
Webinar 4
10.30am CET
The Lynx Services Platform (LySP) – Part 2: The Services
Final Event
09:30 – 12:00 CET
Lynx – Compliance made easy

Webinar 2: 3 Business Cases on top of the Lynx Legal Knowledge Graph

January 14, 10.30am CET

Free Webinar on smart compliance solutions: labour law, contract analysis and geothermal energy.

This webinar will provide insights into (i) problem statement and requirements, (ii) business cases, and (iii) technical solutions as well as (iv) showcase demos of the 3 compliance-related Pilots of the Lynx project that are based and implemented on the Lynx Services Platform (LySP). These are (a) question-answering solution in the field of labour law by the Spanish law firm Cuatrecasas, (b) contract analysis and management by the Austrian legaltech start-up Cybly, and (c) the geothermal energy compliance recommender by the Norwegian consulting company DNV.GL.

This webinar provides an overview of and insights in:

  • Introduction & Moderation: Martin Kaltenböck (Co-Founder and CFO of Semantic Web Company, SWC)
  • Labor law Pilot, Cuatrecasas, Pascual Boil (Consultancy and Applications Director at CUATRECASAS)
  • Contract Analysis Pilot, Cybly, Christian Sageder (Managing Director at Cybly GmbH)
  • Geothermal Energy Compliance, DNV.GL, Pieter Verhoeven (Senior Consultant / Digital Innovation Manager at DNV GL)