The LEXIS (Large-scale EXecution for Industry & Society) project is building an advanced engineering platform at the confluence of HPC, Cloud and Big Data, which leverages large-scale geographically-distributed resources from the existing HPC infrastructure, employs Big Data analytics solutions and augments them with Cloud services.

Driven by the requirements of several pilot test cases, the LEXIS platform relies on best-in-class data management solutions (EUDAT) and advanced, distributed orchestration solutions (TOSCA), augmenting them with new, efficient hardware and platform capabilities (e.g. in the form of Data Nodes and federation, usage monitoring and accounting/billing support) to realise an innovative solution.

The consortium is thus developing a demonstrator with a significant Open Source dimension, including validation, test and documentation. It has been validated in large-scale pilots – in industrial and scientific sectors (Aeronautics, Earthquake and Tsunami, Weather and Climate). Nevertheless, the consortium intends to add another level of validation via opening the LEXIS Platform to various types of projects in the framework of an Open Call.

We will target projects from various external stakeholders:

  • Research organisations,
  • Industry – big players,
  • SMEs, and among them start-ups,
  • Other projects from the EU funded ones (H2020 / EuroHPC) when possible and relevant.

One of the important objectives of the LEXIS project is to create Open Call mainly (but not exclusively) to the following key industrial sectors:

  • Aeronautics,
  • Earthquake, Tsunami and Flooding,
  • Weather and Climate
  • Automotive,
  • Civil protection,
  • Engineering,
  • Health Care,
  • Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Oil & Gas, Energy,
  • Weather-related information services (e.g., for the EU Copernicus programme).

The Open Call is planned to be opened during October 2020. Mainly SMEs and applicants from the industry with Big Data and/or large-scale computationally intensive problems are welcome.