Legal frameworks are an important topic when it comes to data sharing. There are challenges and issues on different levels. From the user’s perspective, it’s not always clear what is personal data and what is not, and who owns this data. These issues grow even bigger in Europe’s overlapping legal situations.

That’s why the TRUSTS project focuses on the legal and ethical points of data sharing. To better understand the situation in the EU and get answers to some FAQ’s, listen to the newest TRUSTS podcast or watch the latest TRUSTS and Safe-DEED webinar

In the podcast, Yuliya Miadzvetskaya, Research Associate at the Center for IT & IP Law (KU Leuven), talks about major voids and controversies concerning the legal situation when it comes to data sharing, about the Data Governance Act and how TRUSTS will help the EU policymakers to tackle the legal framework regarding data transactions. 

The jointly held webinar from TRUSTS and Safe-DEED focused on answering the frequently asked questions like what keeps businesses from data sharing, which rules apply when it comes to data sharing, is it anonymized data, or how can I trust data I share is not misused? 

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(Featured photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash)