BDVe has launched a new webinar series aiming not only at showcasing the results of the BDV PPP projects but at being a forum of discussion around cross-cutting big data hot topics. The first webinar, conducted by the DataBench project on October 9th 2018, was devoted to benchmarking big data technologies and its impact on business indicators in the industry (webinar presentations available here.

Arne Berre (SINTEF) explained how DataBench is surveying existing benchmarking tools and initiatives as well as creating a methodological approach to understand what type of tools are useful under different circumstances. Arne commented that DataBench will provide an actual implementation of a Toolbox to facilitate the usage of multiple benchmarking tools and homogenize the results. On the other hand, Arne emplaced people interested in the subject to participate in the upcoming session of benchmarking to be held at the European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF 2018) in November 12th afternoon.

Gabriella Cattaneo (IDC) tackled the issue of building a bridge between technical and business benchmarking. Gabriella showed for the first time the preliminary results of a survey carried out by DataBench related to business benchmarking stating that “overall, the preference in the industry about the importance of big data is for growth – with new products and markets– rather than improve efficiency and save cost”. She also commented about the future results expected in DataBench, which among other things will include a conceptual framework mapping technical and business benchmarks and a handbook guiding the usage of benchmarks.

The next webinar will be held on Tuesday, November 6th at 12:00 CET featuring the QROWD project. Elena Simperl (University of Southampton) will provide an overview on the importance of human input in several steps of the Data Value Chain using crowdsourcing and curation techniques for data acquisition, curation, analytics and visualization. The registration to the webinar is open here.