Are you a Big Data startup?

Join the EDI program and get up to €100K, a dedicated mentor and work side-by-side with a large corporate

The European Data Incubator (EDI) has €5 Million funds to foster the data economy in Europe and is looking for 35 promising big data startups and SMEs to take part in their next round of incubation. EDI is an incubation program, run by 20 partners across Europe.

It gives startups and SMEs the chance to grow their business as they solve a real-life challenge set by a major European corporate, with the help of up to €100K equity-free funding and a dedicated coach.

The program takes startups through 3 intense phases of growth over eight months, from August 2020 – April 2021, with a combination of online sessions and physical meetings in Bilbao and Berlin.

Participants from the EDI Programme stated that EDI has not only given them the chance to solve a corporate challenge and create a new product but also grow their business as a whole.

“EDI is the must-to-attend acceleration program, which provides data (to build solution), visibility (to attract customers and investors) and money (to finance the company)” – Tvarit

“The EDI programme gives you the right tools to enable you to transform your vision into a product” Aindo

Interested startups and SMEs will solve a challenge during the incubation program. This year’s open call allows for 3 types of application tracks:

  1. Ready-made: A ‘ready-made’ challenge pre-set by EDI, with options by large corporates in the fields of IoT, transport, sports, gaming, media, energy and the environment, fraud detection, smart cities, retail, and finance.
  2. Half and a half: Bring your own challenge, but you must solve it using one EDI data set and combine it with another EDI set or with one external data set.
  3. Free choice: You are free to propose your own challenge, and solve it working with your own data provider and external data sets. Is your big data startup ready to grow? Apply here. Deadline Wednesday 17 June, 12:00 (noon) CEST

Online webinar on the 1st of June 13:00 CEST