H2020 ExtremeEarth was established on developing techniques and software to enable the extraction of information and knowledge from big Copernicus data using deep learning techniques and extreme geospatial analytics. Within the project (2019-2021) two specific use cases had been followed: Food Security and Polar.

Driven by climate change, challenges in agriculture and regional water management, facing seasonal variations in crop growth and uncertainty of water resources, need better knowledge and information for decision making.

Within the last two years, the project team established and demonstrated several techniques on EO big data handling, extreme analytics, linked open data procedures and land surface modelling, including the workflows to provide Water Availability, Crop Growth and Water Demand information.

Those efforts target the measures on food security, especially regarding irrigation and cultivation planning. The project focused on the European Danube and the Douro River basins. Both areas will be addressed by individual workshops.


(Featured photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash)