EW-Shopp project partner JOT Internet Media has analysed how the weather and especially bad weather can affect eating, entertainment and leisure habits. Focusing on the Spanish market and with real weather data for Madrid, the study examines two cases:

1. Rainfall vs Digital Marketing Campaigns related to Dining and Nightlife2. Rainfall vs Home-based activities (such as Order Food, Films on Demand)

Is your business affected by these trends and conditioners? Have you encountered similar experiences when it comes to the weather and marketing campaigns? JOT and our EW-Shopp consortium would love to hear from you to help improve and complement the analytics you are currently carrying out. More info here.

The 23rd BDVA Activity Group Meeting has been held on the 13th and 14th of December in Brussels.

Over 70 participants from BDVA Members discussed and brainstormed about key topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Platforms, Big Data Technologies, GDPR implementation, Data Privacy, Technology integration (Big Data, HPC, IoT), Mobility and Transport, Big Data in the GeoSpatial and Earth Observation domain.

The next Activity Group meeting is scheduled on the 31st January (afternoon only) and 1st February 2018.

BDVA members can find all the relevant information in the BDVA Intranet.