For Digital Marketing professionals, the success of a Campaign is strictly connected to the ability to reach the objectives defined by the clients in terms of visits and impressions.

However, this is not an easy target to reach, due to the number of variables (clicks, impressions, conversion rate, average position, date, time, device, platform) and the disparity of performance depending on the keyword category (travel, finance, home and garden, energy, sports, leisure) and country (above 20 for each client). There are several external conditions –such as weather and events – that strongly influence the interests (queries) that society search online.

Therefore, it would be very useful to have an easy solution which combine third party data sources with advance data preparation and analytics, in order to boost the performance of the campaigns thanks to a better prediction of the user behavior. In order to solve those kinds of challenges, EW-Shopp has developed a complete set of solutions.

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