The Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) is one of the main venues for publishing and discussing the latest developments in the field of semantic technologies. This includes the latest scientific results as well as innovations in technology and infrastructure. This year’s instance was held from 4.-6. June in Portorož on the Slovenian coastline and had a strong EW-Shopp presence.

Figure 1: ESWC 2019 venue – Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portorož.

The main conference is preceded by two days of workshops and tutorials. These are longer sessions where new developments are presented in greater depth and include hands-on demonstrations for interested attendees. An EW-Shopp team consisting of UNIMIB, SINTEF and JSI members prepared a tutorial titled: Semantic Data Enrichment for Data Scientists. Over the course of the tutorial the attendees were given an overview of the current data enrichment technologies and practices and were shown how EW-Shopp technologies can be used to achieve state-of-the-art results. The tutorial concluded with a guided hands-on session, where an example dataset provided by JOT was processed using the EW-Shopp toolkit from raw data ingestion to a functional regression model. We are happy the tutorial was able to attract a large audience in spite of taking place 50 m from the beach on a sunny summer afternoon. 

The material of the tutorial, including the presentations and the data used in the hands-on session are available online at the tutorial website.

Figure 2: Vincenzo Cutrona presenting data transformation tools that the EW-Shopp toolkint imporoves upon.

During the main conference the project also took part of the poster and demo session. Our poster was set up side-by-side with our “sister project” EUBusinessGraph. Visitors were taken through several use-cases for EW-Shopp technology and were shown a demo of the DataGraft data transformation interface. It was a nice open-air event with a very a relaxed atmosphere which allowed for in-depth chats with those especially interested.

Figure 3: The enthusiastic (and surprisingly good looking) EW-Shopp presentation team.

Figure 4: Demo and discussion in progress.

Finally, EW-Shopp was presented by Matteo Palmonari, the project coordinator, in the scope of the project networking session. The session brought together projects from a wide range of topics and with both more research as well as innovation focus. EW-Shopp stands out among its peers with a strong attention to practical solutions for modern business problems as well as a mature technology stack.

Figure 5: Matteo Palmonari, EW-Shopp project coordinator, addressing the crowd at the project networking session.