After all the preparatory actions and the kick-off meeting with the SMEs behind them (May 7th), EUH4D experiments are already running at full steam.

EUH4D experiments are a key asset of the project, as they aim to attract the demand side to the federation, showing clear examples of use and application of the federated services, datasets and trainings by SMEs and start-ups all over Europe.

But even more important, the experiments are a tangible proof of how the DIHs in the federation are collaborating on a cross-border basis, to solve real problems proposed by actors external to the consortium.

Around the experiments, the project is developing additional activities aimed to get the most value from them: exploitation of results, assessment of ethics aspects, evaluation of the impact, integration in the data management plan and dissemination and promotion of the carried out activities.

A dedicated section has already been set-up on the EUH4D webpage, where relevant information about each individual experiment can be found, as well as the resources from the federation each experiment is using.



(Featured photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash)