“Disrupting the Disruptors” is held on April 29th, presenting the top nine European Data Incubator (EDI) Big Data Startups. In the event, the startups discuss how to learn to expect the unexpected and stay on top of the innovation game. VC and Investment Manager Klea Wenger (Swisscom Ventures) and VC and startup expert Qasim Abbas  will join the conversation and share valuable insights and concrete appraisals of the current situation.

Do not miss out on the grande finale of EDI!

EDI is an incubation programme by the EU Commission, which assists European big data startups and SMEs in realizing their innovative ideas. Participants receive, among other things, access to equity-free financing, corporate data sets and mentoring from accomplished practitioners. The program has just finished its third incubation batch and the startup finalists are part of the digital event “Disrupting the Disruptors”.


(Featured photo by CoWomen on Unsplash)