On November 19, the first edition of the Data Market Services Investors Day took place. The online event brought 12 of our 50 startups together with a network of early stage investors and experts.

For ten minutes each startup was able to present its solutions and its funding objectives. The startups were assessed on their idea, product-market fit, team and financial strengths. Whilst all the companies had a strong data focus, there was a range of different sectors and backgrounds represented. However, there could only be one winner!

The selected startups were (by running order): Infinite Foundry, Yosh AI, Ester, Onalytics, Vay AI, Builtrix, Advanced Infrastructure, Tykn, Arete Med Tech, Sensegrass, Heuristik, SDX Network.

This event had the collaboration of featured a Jury panel of experts, who listened and guided and evaluated our startups. This jury consisted of Marguerita Volpe (Research & Innovation, Zabala), Michael Hopf (Venture Developer, DB Systel GmbH), Marcel van der Heijden (Partner Deep Tech, Speed ​​Invest) and Andrew Macadam (Managing Director, Western Europe, Microsoft for Startups). Each expert shared their insights and discussed what requirements are necessary to successfully build and grow a startup in Europe. The event concluded with a moment of deliberation before the victorious startup was crowned. 

It wasn’t easy to make a decision. The jury remarked it was a fantastic competition. Diversity always makes it more challenging to pick a winner. But they finally found the one: Advanced Infrastructure; a team of data scientists and energy experts that want to make the energy system as integrated as the telecom industry. 

However, investor matchmaking at Data Market Services does not run for only a single day. If you are interested in meeting with any of DMS startups, reach out to us at hello#arroba#datamarketservices.eu and we will connect you to some awesome founders!