Data Market Services offers the expertise of top-organisations in Europe to help data-centric startups and SMEs to overcome their barriers to reach the market. Its main challenge is the lack of trusted and secure platforms and privacy‐aware analytics methods for secure sharing of personal and proprietary/commercial/industrial data. The best European SMEs and start-ups working with data will access to free support services with this Data Market Services new initiative. 2,000 potential candidates will be evaluated and 150 will be chosen through three cohorts between 2019 and 2021.

Its first year have just finilished with an event. On December 2019, seven of the fifty data startups selected to take part in the DMS program where invited to Leipzig for the first DMS Bootcamp. An event organized by our project to conclude these first months full of services.

These seven startups travelled from their respective cities to Spinlab offices in Leipzig. This innovative group of startups were selected between the other ones that have taken part during this first year of the project. Their implication on the project through the services gave them the opportunity to be the chosen ones to participate on this event.

Over the two days, these guests have attended to workshops, pitch training and networking with the other startups.

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