DMS Accelerator is hosting a series of webinars focused on the startups’ situation during the COVID-19 crisis. Each week, they will share with you new content prepared by experts in the startup world. These experts on the field will be sharing their experiences from various perspectives and addressing key questions.

One of the webinars have already taken place, and you have access to it whenever you want:

How to fund your startup in times of Corona. – Watch now
Startups are struggling the hardest in the current times of uncertainty. This webinar gives you an honest insight, of how VCs are planning and acting and what you as a startup need to consider in terms of funding and cashflow.

During the next weeks, the variety of webinars and session will increase. Now you con register to:

1.- How to prepare your pitch deck for investors:
April 23 . 15h – 15:45h Training on how to prepare a pitch deck and how to present MVP (minimum viable product) and early-stage projects to investors. – Register now

2.- #StartupsKillTheVirus – SMEs at the forefront of Data economy and cyber-physical systems:
April 28 . 9h – 13h  ZABALA together with more than 15 European initiatives invites the European startups and entrepreneurs to participate in this event to support tech innovators in time of COV19 crisis with European funding and support services. – Register now

3.- TNW answer session:
May – TNW session will people to ask questions about the presence of different investors answering them. – Registration is not open

Stay tuned for more updates and services here

Despite this situation, DMS Accelerator maintains its second open call to offer support and services to 50 startups and SMEs that are located within Europe. Do you want to know more? Check what the programme is about and apply now.

DMS in time of COVID 19