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The Digital Skill and Jobs Coalition mobilises companies, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, social partners and the Member States in Europe who work together, to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe.

The aims are to ensure that everyone acquires the digital skills they need to remain productive and employable and included.

•    The Coalition: mobilises the actors who pledge to take action to train and reskill Europeans at large as well as the labour force in all sectors.
•    Encourage National or Local Digital Skill Jobs Coalitions which carry out actions to train more digital experts, reskill and upskill the labour force.
•    Invites the Member States to develop National digital skill strategies.
•    Promotes best practices in digital skills training replicating them throughout Europe.
•    Disseminate information about available EU funds.


Why get involved in the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition?

The Coalition will address your organization’s needs by working to ensure that there are more qualified graduates with digital skills synchronized to the requirements of your industry and job openings. By supporting digital educators to raise the level and relevance of ICT training, the Coalition works to ensure there is a shorter learning curve for new hires.

Having the right people in the right roles means that your organization can increase productivity and innovation. It will also allow you to develop the capability to deliver innovative and value-adding digital products and services.

The Coalition supports collaboration between industry, education and governments at a national and EU level. This allows for better alignment of educational and training programmes with industry requirements. Working closely with other organizations to develop joint actions to promote industry requirements for digital training will enable a pooling of resources while maximizing their impact.
The Coalition supports actions on a local level through National Coalitions.

Becoming involved in the Coalition will also raise the profile of your company at a European and a community level.

What you can do?

We are inviting you to get involved and do your bit for European prosperity. There are many ways you can get involved. Here are just a few of them:

• Become a member of the Coalition and sign up to the Coalition Charter;
• Make a pledge to commit to taking positive action to address the digital skills gap;
• Raise awareness about the Coalition, through meetings, newsletters and events. Use our social media hashtags: #DigitalSkills #DSJCoalition, ‘follow’ us on Twitter #arroba#DigitalSkillsEU and ‘like’ our Facebook page;
• Share with us your success stories and best practices; we will be happy to disseminate these;
• Plug your own initiatives into our network of Members and Pledgers;
• Volunteer as a digital role model for schools;
• Provide feedback to schools and educational authorities on skills gaps you might be experiencing;
• Open up your business for visits from students or visit a school;
• Developing an internship programme or extend your current internship programme;
• Support mentoring opportunities;
• Get involved in the National Coalition in your country;
• Join the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition community on LinkedIn.