DataBench project hosted its second Virtual BenchLearning “Success stories on Big Data & Analytics Use Cases + DataBench Toolbox” on May 28th with Chiara Francalanci from Politecnico di Milano, and Tomás Pariente from Atos Research and Innovation.

The session focused on the presentation of the most relevant use cases and success stories identified in different sectors such as Manufacturing and Retail which are implementing Big Data and Analytics technologies along with benchmarking tools.

In addition, the session ended with a demonstration of the DataBench Toolbox, the main outcome of the project which is a one-stop-shop for different types of users for searching and deploying different benchmark tools and at the same time get relevant business insights from its application on specific sectors or use cases.

If you missed the live session, you can access the recording and presentations on the following links:

Presentation “Success Stories on Big Data and Analytics”
Presentation “DataBench Toolbox in a Nutshell”

If you want more information about DataBench and its series of virtual sessions go to the website.