DataBench project hosted its first Virtual BenchLearning Big Data – Benchmark your way to Excellent Business Performance on April 29th with Gabriella Cattaneo, associate vice president of the IDC4EU European Government Consulting unit, and Erica Spinoniresearch analyst in the Software group at IDC Europe. 

The session focused on the presentation of relevant insights extracted from a survey conducted by IDC to 700 European companies from different sectors and sizes, about how they implement Big Data Technologies and benchmarking activities for measuring business-related KPIs such as revenues increase, profit increase, cost reduction, time efficiency, product & service quality, customer satisfaction, new products & services launched, and business model innovation. 

Specific results about Big Data impact were presented using both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks for sectors as financial services, business/IT services, telecom & media, utilities, oil & gas, agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, retail & wholesale, transport and logistics. In addition, some detailed examples of successful cases were presented for some of these sectors. 



If you missed the live session, you can consult the recording and presentations on the following links: 

If you want more information about DataBench and its series of virtual sessions go to this web.